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A Guide on Caring for Someone with Dementia

A Guide on Caring for Someone with Dementia

Alzheimer’s and dementia affect each person differently. Depending on one’s symptoms, multiple things in the household may become safety hazards. As a provider of senior care in Cape Coral we always practice safety precautions to ensure the safety and protection of our patients with dementia.

Patients with dementia may have impaired functions, including judgment, a sense of time and place, physical abilities, and senses. They may even exhibit changes in behavior. As a provider of home care in Cape Coral, Florida here are some home safety tips we practice:

  • Monitor the environment including garages, workrooms, basements, and outside areas with hazardous items, such as tools, chemicals, cleaning supplies, and others.
  • Have appliances with automatic shut-off features in the kitchen.
  • Get rid of toxic plants, decorative fruits, vitamins, prescription drugs, sugar substitutes, and seasonings from kitchen tables and counters.
  • Have a handy list of emergency phone numbers and addresses for local police, fire departments, hospitals, and poison control.
  • Watch the temperature of water and food.

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