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Basic Protocols for Proper Wound Care


There are instances wherein patients are required to undergo surgery, especially if a medical procedure is the only way to improve their health. Patients will do everything for their health improvement. It is evident in senior care in Cape Coral and other parts of the world. With their deteriorating health, seniors would prevent their condition from getting worse at all costs. It may mean having to take advantage of various healthcare services.

Patients who just underwent surgery are in critical condition. It may take quite some time before they fully recuperate. It is of the utmost importance to be cautious in caring for them. Senior Care in Fort Myers requires assistance doing most of their chores.

Even doing personal care in Fort Myers can already be strenuous for them. A reliable companion who can assist them with their safety is a good idea.

For patients under post-surgery care, proper wound care guidelines are beyond necessary. Dealing with health complications is the last thing that they would want to happen since they are still recovering. Patients could do wound care themselves, but they should have healthcare professionals they can count on. They can ensure this by taking advantage of companion care in Bonita Springs.

Avoid the risk of infections by following the proper wound care guidelines.

  • Sanitize your hands before attending to the wound.
  • Change the dressings regularly.
  • Use high-quality wound care supplies.
  • Monitor for signs of infections.
  • Refrain from getting the wound wet.

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