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Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors at Home


According to research, 85 percent of older adults are living with one or more chronic health conditions, often increasing the risk of falling, primarily due to the loss of function, pain, and inactivity they cause. Aside from chronic diseases, balance, gait, vision, medications, and home environment can also contribute to the factors that cause falls in seniors. Fortunately, you can help reduce their risks. Learn more below.

  • Practice regular exercise.

    Keeping your muscles strong and maintaining balance starts with proper exercise. For your senior loved ones receiving senior care in Fort Myers, their caregivers can help them in exercising safely. There are plenty of activities that focus on balance, flexibility, and strength training to help make your joints, ligaments, and tendons healthy.

  • Monitor your diet.

    Healthy meals that include vitamin D and calcium are beneficial for seniors in maintaining their bone health. On the other hand, smoking and alcohol consumption decreases bone mass, so make sure to prevent your seniors from engaging in unhealthy habits. Do you need assistance in meal preparation? Caregivers that offer personal care in Fort Myers can also help in preparing healthy meals for seniors.

  • Track your medications.

    Dizziness, sleepiness, confusion, or weakness are common medication side effects that could lead to falling accidents. Make sure to monitor your loved ones’ medications. When you opt for senior care in Cape Coral, caregivers can monitor and track medication management, so you’ll have peace of mind.

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