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Helpful Tips to Avoid Depression in the Elderly


As one of the leading providers of senior care in Cape Coral, we are experts when it comes to maintaining good physical and mental health in the elderly. Here is a short guide on how to reduce your risk of depression as you age.

  • Keep a healthy lifestyle. Eat a well-balanced diet full of your daily nutrition needs. Consult with a nutritionist or doctor so they can help create a meal plan for you. Stay physically active as well. You may also consult with a physician regarding routines you can do.
  • Stay in touch with your friends and family. Make time to go out with them for brunch, to have a picnic, or go to the beach. You can also invite them to your place for a movie night or a little dinner. Do activities with them that you truly enjoy.
  • Seek help from professionals. Consider assistance from care providers such as companion care in Bonita Springs. They can help keep you company so you are never alone. They can also assist with your needs as well as keep you safe and comfortable at home.

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