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Dangerous Duo: Drug Interactions


Does it seem like your medicines are not working despite taking them regularly? Did your condition worsen? Or have you or your mainstay home care in Cape Coral, Florida, noticed new symptoms or health issues?

If so, as a patient under senior care in Cape Coral, you must learn about drug interaction.

  • Drug-Drug interaction
    This interaction happens when you combine two or more medicines you should not take at once. Examples of this are antihistamines and sleeping agents or blood thinners and acetaminophen. These products can contradict the effects of one another.
  • Food-Drug
    This interaction is when you take a drug and consume food creating a reaction against each other. Examples are antibiotics and dairy or cholesterol-lowering drugs with grapefruit. Foods can interfere with or alter the effects of the said medications.
  • Beverage-Drug
    This event occurs when taking a medicine with a beverage, creating a side effect. For example, alcohol and steroids can cause stomach ulcers.
  • Drug-Disease
    This reaction builds up when you take a pill inappropriate for a health condition – like taking NSAIDS when you are asthmatic. The said drug can constrict your airways.

You and your provider of personal care in Fort Myers should know these and more instances of having drug interactions.

ADM HOME CARE always gives all the best to our clients, and we always ensure our caregivers know what to do or ask for expert advice when unsure. We aim to deliver safe companion care in Bonita Springs.

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