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Top Tips to Care for Surgical Wound

top-tips-to-care-for-surgical-woundUndergoing a medical operation that involves an incision may cause complications. One of the biggest risks involves infections, so you have to take care of your healing wound.

As a provider of high-quality Senior Care in Fort Myers, we are specializing in caring for the elderly. Allow us to share some tips on what to do after surgery.

  • You need to change your dressing often or as instructed by your doctor.
    It is important that your hands are clean before doing so. You may wash your hands using an alcohol-based cleanser or soap and warm running water.
  • When removing the old dressing, make sure that your workspace is clean.
    Use a clean medical glove to pull it off and throw it in a plastic bag. You need to clean the skin around the wound first. You may use a soft cloth or gauze pad with a saline solution or mild soapy water.
  • You may be asked to wash out or irrigate your wound.
    You may use a syringe by spraying it into the wound so that the drainage and discharge will wash away.

Consider seeking professional assistance such as home care, personal care, or companion care in Bonita Springs. You can hire someone to make sure your wound is properly cared for.

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