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Dementia Care: Tips to Effective Communication

Dementia Care: Tips to Effective Communication

Taking care of a dementia patient can be challenging. Dementia can take a toll not just on your loved one who is suffering but also on you who is taking care of them. One thing that could get in the way of taking care of a dementia patient is communication issues. But, don’t fret. There are several ways you can address that.

  • Be patient; stay warm and calm.
    Dementia patients may find it hard to communicate with you because of the distractions around them or simply because they do not recognize who you are. When this happens, try to remain as calm as you can. Introduce yourself and do what you can to reduce the distractions around the environment. Providing senior care in Cape Coral, especially for dementia patients, requires a warm and calm disposition.
  • Speak slowly, listen actively.
    Once you get your loved one’s attention, it’s necessary not to be hasty in talking to them. Speak slowly, and make sure to stay all ears to what they are saying. If your loved one needs personal care in Fort Myers, make sure to inform the caregiver about this particular technique in talking to the patient.
  • Use non-verbal communication.
    Non-verbal communication, such as holding their hands, assisting them when standing up, looking at their eyes when they are talking, is vital to establish that you are there for them. Caregivers that offer companion care in Bonita Springs are good at assisting your loved ones using non-verbal communication.

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