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Osteoarthritis in the Elderly

Osteoarthritis in the Elderly

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in the elderly, frequently causing injuries and physical disability as it progresses. This incurable joint disease is caused by the breaking down of a cartilage located in the hands, knees, spine, or hips. This may run in the family or a cause of weight mismanagement. With multiple factors leading to this condition, one thing is for sure, the elderly will require the assistance of professionals.

Managing the symptoms and pain that comes with osteoarthritis can be difficult to deal with alone. Completing activities like getting out of bed or feeding one’s self may call for senior care in Cape Coral to reduce the risks of falls and injuries. The more stress and pressure you put on your joints, the faster the disease progresses. The progression of osteoarthritis hampers your senior loved one’s independence.

Providers of home care in Cape Coral, Florida have professional caregivers who can assist patients diagnosed with osteoarthritis in their activities for daily living and personal care in Fort Myers while they undergo treatments from reliable professionals. With our quality care in ADM HOME CARE, your senior loved ones have a chance to live a better quality of life.

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