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How the Heart Changes with Age

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February is National Heart Health Month, an important time to spread the word about the importance of proper heart health and the various complications that may result from mismanaging it. Today, we at ADM HOME CARE, a certified provider of home care in Cape Coral, Florida, thought it would be helpful for us to discuss with you the various changes that the heart goes through as a person ages.

  • Our Hearts Change with Age

    As we grow older, the heart tends to develop thicker walls and slightly larger chambers. This happens due to an increase in the size of heart muscle cells. The age-related stiffening of the heart walls prevents the left ventricle from filling up well; in some cases, this leads to heart failure (also called diastolic heart failure), especially in older people with underlying diseases, such as high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.

    Heart failure is also a major cause of disability in the U.S., eroding the quality of life of millions of older people, a number of which end up requiring professional senior care in Cape Coral to get through the day.

  • How We Can Help

    Hypertension or high blood pressure is a tricky condition to manage. Hence, a skilled, professional provider of personal care in Fort Myers can help seniors monitor their condition and keep track of medication to ensure that nothing goes wrong in their treatment.

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