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Living with Diabetes: A Guide for Seniors

Living with Diabetes: A Guide for Seniors

When someone is diagnosed with diabetes, it is often a life-long condition that requires careful treatment. Certain lifestyle changes might be recommended based on the patient’s condition. Following through with all these recommendations can be challenging, but with the right home care in Cape Coral, Florida, these changes can be managed.

The patient’s diet is among the most common changes for those diagnosed with diabetes. Healthy eating for the diabetic means a healthy diet with low saturated fats and sugar. However, this does not mean your tastes are sacrificed. Your nutritionist can create meal plans that work for your condition and preferences. Sticking to this healthy plate requires commitment on the patient’s part.

For the less active adult, getting more physical activities can be exhausting – at first. Physical exercises help manage your weight, control your glucose level, and keep you strong. You can start with simple activities like walking or doing physical activities you find interesting like swimming or dancing. Having a partner to do these activities can keep the patient motivated and disciplined to follow through.

Other changes can be recommended for those with diabetes. But with the right support, the patient will be able to adapt.

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