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Strengthening Senior Immune System

Strengthening Senior Immune System

Our immune system plays a critical job in protecting and defending the body against diseases and illnesses. But just like any function, our immunity declines as we age. We know our senior’s health is not as robust as ours – thus we seek solutions, such as home care in Cape Coral, Florida to improve addressable concerns.

Improving a senior’s immune system relies on their healthy lifestyle. Addiction to smoking or alcohol is sure to offset any gains from healthy meals, physical exercises, and other regimens. They should quit smoking and limit alcohol when necessary.

Getting enough rest and sleep is important. This is not just about the hours but also the quality. Some seniors report not getting a good night’s sleep and feeling awful the next day. The situation remains across all ages. A night of bad sleep can ruin a day. Continuously lacking sleep can worsen their mood and tire out body functions – including the immune system.

Eating healthy will now be inclined to foods that boost immunity. Vitamins and minerals that fight infection and improves recovery will be highlighted by your nutritionist.

Good hygiene reduces the risks of infection. If your senior loved one needs assistance with daily living activities, we can take care of them through our personal care in Fort Myers.

ADM HOME CARE makes sure your loved one does not feel alone through our companion care in Bonita Springs. Under our senior care in Cape Coral, your loved one is the priority.

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